Quality management
DECURA video training

38 videos - 9 modules - duration: 160 min

Module 1 - Basics of Quality Management


Quality management aligns a company with the reliable fulfillment of customer needs. You will learn how quality management systems were created and which basic principles they are based on, so that you learn to understand ISO 9001 as the basis of your quality management system.

Module 2 - Basics ISO 9001


ISO 9001 is the basic standard for quality management. First, the basic structure of the standard and the area of ​​application are presented.

Module 3 - Context of the Organization


The environment analysis is the basis for the alignment of the QM system. This unfortunately mostly neglected aspect of ISO 9001 is presented and ends in the process map.

Module 4 - leadership


As a management system standard, ISO 9001 is aimed at the managers of an organization. Their tasks and responsibilities are presented and practical implementation explained.

Module 5 - Planning


The planning of the quality management system combines opportunities and risks with the quality goals and creates the basis for a robust and constantly improving ISO 9001 implementation.

Module 6 - support


The requirements for support functions underline the preventive character of quality management systems according to ISO 9001. The requirements are presented which are intended to create the best possible conditions for value creation in the company.


Module 7 - Operation

The chapter Operation of ISO 9001 describes the requirements for value-adding processes in a company. You will get to know the basic idea of the value-adding process chain of ISO 9001 and you will learn how to support the success of the company with controlled processes in development, supplier management and production.


Module 8 - Assessment of Performance

In order to be able to control a quality management system, a constant comparison between the target and the actual state must be made. In this section you will learn which sources of information ISO 9001 recommends for you, how this information can be evaluated and how you can initiate improvements in the interests of the customer, for example in the context of management evaluation.